Educating with Humor

Here are some videos to make us think and laugh.

We can get lost in the dire circumstances that crusaders for true health care reform are in.  Take a minute to enjoy some humor with your reality.  Education and fun can mix.  It is one of the Mad As Hell Doctors tenets.

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If Air Travel Worked Like Healthcare …

A very funny and sadly true video by the New Altons. 7mins


The Apparent Trap

Jon Stewart presents a Daily Show perspective on Pres. Obama’s invitation to the Republican to a televised discussion about health care.  It is followed by a Republican perspective on socialized medicine in Hawaii, where Rush Limbaugh received the “best health care in the world”.  You may have to sit through a brief commercial.  Sorry.


What is Single Payer?

A delightful 7 minute animated “lecture” produced by Dr. Graham Walker when he was a medical student at Stanford.  It presents a clear explanation of the concept of single payer.


The Tea Party & The Circus

On March 16, 2010, Tea Partiers from around the country gathered (in disappointing numbers) in front of the Capitol building for their final protest against health care reform.  Also in town, appropriately, was Barnum & Bailey’s actual circus.  The protestors voiced their usual conspiratorial concerns about healthcare reform: that it was a government takeover and more government, of course, equals less freedom; that it would euthanize seniors too expensive to treat; and that the bill would sink the nation into irrecoverable debt, despite its actually reducing the deficit by more than $100-billion over the next ten years.  Averse to facts, no one interviewed was able to cite evidence for their false beliefs about the reform proposal, and instead suggested we seek the “truth” from Glenn Beck and Fox News.

2 Responses

  1. I was intrigued the most by the Tea Partiers answering the questions and then not knowing the answers to the question. They are great at rote recall but take them off of the script and some didn’t realize they didn’t know the facts behind the questions.

    This technique needs to be done by the regular media and we just might find that educating individuals is a counter tactic that should also be used on many of the battle cries we hear from Tea Partiers.

    Allen Prince, Ventura County

  2. Bob Balhiser

    Wow! Someone should send this to Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz. Sadly, how true it is.