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“How We Won Healthcare For All”

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Saturday December 17, 1-4pm

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Medicare For All National Radio Campaign

MAHD “Improved Medicare For All” radio ads began June 21. The purpose of the ads is to reinforce the national outrage about cuts to Medicare and declare that an improved Medicare is the solution rather than the problem. The ads started on a progressive radio station in New York City WWRL, are continuing in Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Coos Bay, Or, and, as donations permit, air on other stations across the country between now and the 2012 elections. The above Youtube video is that same audio you will hear on your local progressive radio stations!


To keep these ads on the air across the nation please use the Donate button on your right. Paypal will bring up a window with a box labeled “Purpose”. Please enter “ads” in the box so we will know the intent of your donation. We feel these ads will be an effective way to reach millions of people and stimulate them to advocate for true health care reform, Improved MediCare for All.

All listeners can go to Physicians for a National Health Program, and HealthCareNow! to learn more and join others in fighting for Improved Medicare for All.

Listeners can connect with local Single Payer Advocates by clicking the group name below:

New York City go to PNHP Metro Chapter

Detroit go to PNHP Michigan Chapter

Minneapolis-St. Paul go to PNHP Minnesota Chapter and Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition

Denver, CO, go to PNHP Colorado Chapter and Healthcare for All Colorado

Coos Bay, and Portland OR, go to PNHP Oregon Chapter

Seattle, go to PNHP Western Washington

Health Care for All Washington State

San Francisco, go to singlepayeraction.org;

California PNHP

Health Care For All-California

We hope to share with you our passion that America must achieve sustainable high quality health care for all as soon as possible.


A long road travelled and a long road ahead.

PNHP is a group of physicians, nurses, ancillary health providers, and other concerned citizens advocating for an improved and expanded Medicare program to provide financially sustainable universal health coverage for all Americans. In September 2009, PNHP doctors traveled 6,000 miles through America’s heartland from Portland, OR, to Washington, D.C., stopping at over 40 venues in 17 states. After appearances on the Ed Schultz Show (MSNBC), Keith Olberman (MSNBC), Democracy Now! and interviews on dozens of other media outlets, the group is continuing its unique approach and activist flair to advocate for Single Risk Pool, Improved Medicare-for-All.

PNHP contends that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P-PACA) does too little to protect the health and livelihood of patients and their families. P-PACA serves to further entrench the current medical-industrial complex with an unsustainable cost spiral within our health care system. PNHP further contends that while the Oregon Health Policy Board, a result of House Bill 2009, has proposed critical improvements in Oregon’s health care system, these improvements will be affordable only under a Single Risk Pool, Improved Medicare-for-All plan.

The work involves studying the relevant literature, listening to others tell of their experiences with our health care system, and then passing this information on to friends, family, civic groups, journalists, and legislators, urging them to action.


Educate yourself and your neighbors.

What is a single payer health care system? For a video answer go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAvy9jew9dM. Please use our Literature References tab under which you will find links to peer-reviewed literature that can help you evaluate the US health care system and compare it to the systems of other countries such as Canada. The references are invaluable for supporting your conversations and presentations about health care reform.

Check our “in-house” analysis on our Posts page, share with your friends and family, and comment to keep the discussion going.


Collaborate, educate, and organize.


Thank you for your interest.