Veterans Administration

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Quality of care at VA is superior to comparable patients with comparable conditions in fee for service Medicare.

Kerr E, Gerzoff R, Krein S, Selby J, Piette J, et al. A comparison of diabetes care quality in the veterans health care system and commercial managed care. Annals of Internal Medicine 2004;141(4):272-81

VA provides better quality of care for comparable patients than those in commercial managed care.

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RAND study shows VA superior to all other sectors of US health care in 294 measures of quality.

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Mortality rates of elderly patients higher in Medicare Advantage than in VA system.

The State of Health Care Quality 2004. Washington DC: National Committee for Quality Assurance.

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In most measures of health care quality, VA outranks every other sector including Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, and all other non-VA systems.

ACSI Scores for the U. S. Federal Government, American Customer Satisfaction Index I, December 15, 2005

VA tops all other health care sectors in customer satisfaction for six consecutive years.

Asch SM, et al. Who is at greatest risk for receiving poor-quality health care? NEJM 2006;354:1147-56.;354/11/1147

Health insurance status was largely unrelated to the quality of care among those with at least minimal access to care. VA patients in a previous study (above) received 67 percent of recommended care, a considerably better rate than the 55 percent observed in the current study