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What to Say to Those Who Think Single Payer Advocates are Wacko – by Dr. Paul Hochfeld published on Commondreams

May 2010 Oregon-Live analysis of cost in our health care system compared to a single payer system.     Sam Metz MD       Click Here

Trifold Brochure for Single Payer (Example page 1)

Trifold Brochure for Single Payer (Example page 2)

Costs of health care in the US

Comparisons with other countries

Costs of private insurance versus single payers

Health consequences of private insurance

Social Consequences of Private Health Insurance

Lobbying, Conflicts of interest

Poll results


Veterans Administration

Canadian Health Care

Canada’s Medicare, Myths and Realities

2 Responses

  1. Donna Fambro

    I expect change to occur as far as health care and other issues are concerned. However, we in the United States, considered the most prosperous country, cannot allow ourselves to be concerned about our elders and our futures. Health care is most important for everyone and should not be limited to race, creed, or other issues. Why not try what has worked in other countries, after all we believe in equality, justice, and freedom for all, don’t we?

  2. Robin Brasso

    As far as I’m concerned the only health care program that is need is Medicare. Everyone should have been put into Medicare and Part D should be changed to allow them to negotiate for prescription drugs just like the VA