To help organize and promote the event contact Carilyn Goldammer: carilyncg(at)

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Location: The Quad @ Humboldt State University (1 Harpst Street

Arcata, CA 95521)

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Community Dinner at the Grange Hall 5:30pm

locally produced organic soups and salad, beer, wine, and desserts.  $5-$10 requested donation for the dinner.  Then stick around for the MAHD main event!!!!


Location:  The Grange Hall (2297 Jacoby Creek Road

Bayside, CA 95524)

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  1. Sonia Baur, MD

    I am out here in some kind of a vacuum. How can I connect with the local organizers of the event of this, presumably my, organization?

    I heard a woman ?Margie Emerson? on KHSU promoting the event, but she had left the station when I called, I can’t find her name in the phone book, nor can I find the name of the organization which she said she represented. (Healthy Humboldt something or another.)

    Of course I will go to the event, but I would like to participate in promoting it.

    Help! Sonia Baur, MD

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