Dr. Samuel Metz


Willamette Valley, OR

University of Arizona College of Medicine, M.D.

Cardiovascular Anesthesia, Stanford Univesity Palo Alto and Texas Heart Institute

I am Mad As Hell because the United States provides an annual bailout of the health insurance industry to the amount of $320 billion. Meanwhile, Americans with and without health insurance lose their homes and their lives because they cannot afford medical care. There are solutions around the world and in our country. It’s time to put the medical health of 300 million Americans ahead of the financial well-being of 1100 health insurance companies.

5 Responses

  1. Donald Mitchell, MD

    Goos afternoon, Dr. Metz

    As a fellow PNHP member, I was delighted to hear your comments on today’s (October 3, 2011) To The Point program. I am a regular listener of To The Point, enjoy Warren Olney very much, although I have been disappointed with the minimal coverage of single payer healthcare reform on his program and especially on NPR in particular.

    Your comments and descriptions were excellent. You well described the problems with our current non-system, and why single payer is preferable by far. There is much more support for single payer — Expanded and Improved Medicare for All — among the public than the Forbes insurance industry-apologist was willing to acknowledge.

    I was fascinated that that person chose Switzerland as a comparison with the U.S. situation, and yet he really mischaracterized it as you pointed out. He clearly was hesitant to refer to the German or French systems, each of which have many, but regulated, insurance companies.

    Thanks for your important contribution.

    Sincerely yours,

    Don Mitchell
    Western Washington chapter, PNHP

  2. Dr. Metz, thank you for your spirited advocacy of a national single-payer health care plan in the NY Times this week.

    I’ve been a happy Kaiser Permanente member for 21 years and am all in favor of any of the various flavors of single-payer integrated medical systems. Getting physicians on salary is important. It’s the 21st century and we should not be paying doctors piecemeal.

  3. FLAnesthesiologist

    Saw your comments on NYTimes this morning (8/24). As a fellow anesthesiologist, I applaud your stance. Your view of medicine is a rarity in our specialty. Keep up the good work.

  4. George Howard

    Dr. Metz, I work in the television realm, and have a HD camera and mics and lights. I am interested in helping your/our cause. I’m at your service if you need video shot for the web or broadcast. I’ve been working in sports TV for years and recently read your letter in the oregonlive website. Very well done, Doctor. I also write, edit, and dream of a more enlightened world of peace.

  5. good job, and keep it up.