Who is MAHD?

The brain child of progressive media guru, Adam Klugman, and veteran campaign organizer, Gary Jelinek, the group formed with a specific goal in mind:

To take the message of Single Payer to the masses through education, advocacy, and entertainment.

These are the major players, just a few faces out of thousands, who have stepped up to the plate for Single Payer and represented the Mad As Hell Doctors.


Dr. Paul Hochfeld

Dr. Mike Huntington

Dr. Robert Seward

Dr. Joe Eusterman

Dr. Eugene Uphoff

Dr. Samuel Metz

Dr. Peter Mahr

Dr. Paul Gorman

Dr. Katie Ottaway

Dr. Marc Sapir

Dr. Margaret Flowers

Dr. Barbara Blaylock

Dr. Carol Paris


Bill Aiken R.N.


Bill Whitaker PhD

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  1. admin


    The best way for you to keep up on what we are doing is to stay tuned to our website. Very soon we will be talking about producing another video and planning a fall field trip to California.

    For a more comprehensive, daily update about what is happening in Oregon and nationally, with references to timely informative news and opinions, you might want to join the yahoo group, healthcareoregon@yahoogroups.com, which is brought to you by Health Care for All- Oregon.

    Also, Common Dreams (commondreams.org) publishes compelling articles on a variety of topics by nationally known figures. I believe it is important for us to stay informed not just about Big Insurance and Big Pharma, but also the growing income gap, campaign financing, and the personhood of corporation. Sometimes it seem like connecting the dots is a full time job. Sleep is under-rated.

  2. Anne Crenesse, MD

    I am a family doc in brooklyn. I need to direct my daily anger into constructive actions. How can I help? Please keep me posted on any events. Thanks. Anne