California Road Trip, Day 11, Orange County

Don McCanne

Our foray into So Cal is softened by the opportunity to lodge with one of the heros of the single payer movement, Don Mcanne and his domestic supervisor Sandy.  They are the real pros while the Mad As Hell Doctors are aspiring amateurs.

Our mid-day event in Pasadena was captured by numerous video cameras including community TV, who plan to edit then show the entire event to their 30,000 loyal viewers.  As for the live audience, we had stiff competition from the Bruins home game, whose fans we  could hear from the Rose Bowl Stadium down the street.  To that, I respond, “Go Beavers!!!”  The evening event at the First Congregation Church was well attended and spirited.

As for our cool comments about “Baucus Care” (aka Obama Care), we are sadly validated by the recent New York Times piece (here) that illuminates the multitude of ways in which PPACA is unraveling.  Insurance carriers are dropping coverage, no longer offering particular plans, and being granted dozens of “wavers”, such as the one that allows Macdonalds to continue with the $2,000 annual limit on benefits.  Furthermore, Principle Financial is getting out of the business altogether and United Health will gladly pick up another 840,000 victims, oops, I mean customers.  Robert Laszewski, a health policy consultant in Alexandria, Va. “is worried that the ensuing concentration is likely to lead to higher prices because large players will no longer face the competition from the smaller plans. ‘It’s just the UnitedHealthcare full employment act,’ he said.”

The good is that McCannes needn’t worry about running out of engaging project.  Don will remain fully employed (without pay) during his retirement as he works tirelessly to bring some sanity to our Sick Care Non-System.  Go Don and Sandy!!!!